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We deliver simple safety and HR solutions giving you confidence and freedom to do wht you do best.

Simple. We tailor our products to your business and how you operate. Our solutions are simple and easy to understand. We also provide ongoing support to take away your concerns over compliance and meeting your legal obligations and to make sure you stay on top of your obligations. We also offer online support making it simple to log activities and to manage your safety.

Confidence. Though our simple solutions and our ongoing partnership providing you that background support, you have confidence that your safety and HR requirements are being monitored and addressed.

Freedom. Simplicity and confidence gives you the freedom to focus on your business free from concerns about those safety, HR and legal concerns - because we’ve got your back!


We use a risk based approach to safety management.  Identifying the hazard is the first step, we need to identify the vulnerability to harm we face from those hazards, how we will manage the risk and importantly take those actions that give assurance that risk is being managed.  We provide a range of services aimed at providing you with the assurance you need and to help you manage your safety risk and therefore your safety.


Navigating your way through all that employment legislation can be confusing and HR can be tricky to navigate. HR has several risks that can be costly if they go wrong. We provide HR services ranging from recruiting, employment agreements or help to sort out that problem employee, through to audits of your systems and processes to help you manage your manage your business.


Hauraki Safety and HR is based in Paeroa with easy access to clients in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Thames Coromandel and Hauraki areas.



We have partnered with the following companies because they are like-minded in their approach to safety and they complement what we are able to provide.

Major Oak Safety Training Limited (M.O.S.T) has its roots firmly set in providing business safety solutions and tailored quality training in an engaging environment.
We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help businesses and individuals reach their goals. We pride ourselves on our unique and practical delivery approach, which means participants can begin applying their new skills after just one course session.

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Pro Safe Marine is an internationally networked safety consultancy bringing together the best minds to provide a full range of Risk, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Protection services to the marine industry.

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The FISH Safety Foundation is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to improving health and safety outcomes across the Fishing Community. It is the result of over 20 years of work, training and research within the maritime sector. As an international non-profit organisation, our sole focus is directed towards improving health and safety outcomes in Fishing.

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Tracey Petterson
PTP Services Ltd
I engaged Jim to provide me with my HR when I purchased my business. Sometimes I could just hug him! He keeps things simple for me and gives me confidence that I am doing the right things. I understand the importance to receive HR advice that is professional and current with the latest NZ employment rules, so it is nice having him in my back pocket when I need his help. He is so easy to deal with, nothing is ever a problem and his advice is honest, even if I don’t want to hear it. I am getting from him exactly what I need. He is definitely worth the investment.
Jaydene Buckley
OSACO Partners
Jim Pope from Hauraki Health and Safety has delivered project management training internationally under contract to us and we have received fantastic feedback from his course participants. We are utilising Jim’s skills in other areas of our work both here in New Zealand and internationally. We have found Jim easy to communicate with and nothing is ever a problem. Jim works with you and we appreciate his collaborative approach. His subject matter knowledge has been helpful in us being able to develop other business opportunities. We look forward to an ongoing association with Jim and Hauraki Health and Safety.

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