Contractor Safety Pre-qualification

We are expereienced achieveing pre-qualifications for companies using ISNet World, SiteWise and the LASS used by Councils and SafePlus managed by WorkSafe NZ.

Many Regional and District Councils, and large Private and other Government Agencies require that contractors undertake a comprehensive contractor pre-qualification process.  This can be confusing, time consumming and the cause of immense frustration.  With our expereince with the major systems used for contractor pre-qualification assessment, we can undertake the process and manage it on your behalf.  Let us take away the frustration and let you get back to doing what you do best.


Number of Workplace Investigations between Mar 17 and Mar 18 – 320

David Buchanan
Buchanan Painting and Waterblasting
Jim Pope from Hauraki Health and Safety has done what he said he would do. I can now focus on building my business knowing that Jim has my back. He manages my safety for me, is dealing with my pre-qualification (which I found confusing) and he has given me an app to use which means no paper, no worries and no having to work after hours on safety stuff. It really is nice knowing that I don’t have to do this because Jim is.”
Jaydene Buckley
OSACO Partners
Jim Pope from Hauraki Health and Safety has delivered project management training internationally under contract to us and we have received fantastic feedback from his course participants. We are utilising Jim’s skills in other areas of our work both here in New Zealand and internationally. We have found Jim easy to communicate with and nothing is ever a problem. Jim works with you and we appreciate his collaborative approach. His subject matter knowledge has been helpful in us being able to develop other business opportunities. We look forward to an ongoing association with Jim and Hauraki Health and Safety.

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