Mobile Safety Tool

The Mobile Safety Tool (MST) is an app that works in conjunction with the risk management framework we provide.

It allows you to record a safety event, a new hazard or undertake a quick risk assessment away from the office. It will operate off-line automatically uploading your record once you regain a connection. You can also take photographs as evidence.

This handy little app has been designed specifically for the small to medium business and allows you to record a safety event or hazard directly into your risk register for later analysis or into your safety event register for later review removing the need for double handling – and even better – no paper to keep hold of and no details to remember for later.

The Safety Event Log

Clicking on the ‘+’ allows you to log a safety event immediately and directly into your ‘Safety Events Register’. You can also take photos as evidence, important for any investigation that may need to occur.

This tool operates regardless if you are online or offline meaning that you don’t need to have connectivity to use it. When you regain connectivity the recorded safety event will be automatically uploaded to your Safety Event Register.

Clicking on the title will allow you to view all the safety events that have been recorded. And if you forgot a detail or want to correct the mistakes made because of those stubby fingers, you can do this through this view.

The Hazard Log

Clicking on the ‘+’ will allow you to enter a new hazard directly into the ‘Hazard Log’ in your ‘Risk Register’. You can also take photos of the hazard to support the latter risk assessment you will have to undertake.

Because this tool will operate without connectivity you can still record the hazard, take that photo and the record will be automatically uploaded once you regain connectivity.

Clicking on the hazard title will allow you to view a previously recorded hazard, and if you need to you can update the details as well. So, if you are somewhere else and this hazard arises again you can add more detail to support your risk assessment.

Contacts Tool

The Contacts tool allows you to record the details of anyone involved in a safety event for future reference. You can also record the details of all your staff.

Clicking on the ‘+’ allows you to add a new contact, whereas clicking on the title allow you to view existing contacts.

The Risk Calculator

This handy little tool allows you to take your risk matrix with you in the field. If you are doing a JSA you can use this tool to assess the risk. Or if you come across something you think is dangerous and need to undertake a risk assessment – you can!

Because it also shows your risk tolerance, then any risk that exceeds your tolerance will be highlighted. This is the prompt to seriously consider if you need to undertake the task or you need to do something urgently to mitigate the risk presented.

David Buchanan
Buchanan Painting and Waterblasting
Jim Pope from Hauraki Health and Safety has done what he said he would do. I can now focus on building my business knowing that Jim has my back. He manages my safety for me, is dealing with my pre-qualification (which I found confusing) and he has given me an app to use which means no paper, no worries and no having to work after hours on safety stuff. It really is nice knowing that I don’t have to do this because Jim is.”
Tracey Petterson
PTP Services Ltd
I engaged Jim to provide me with my HR when I purchased my business. Sometimes I could just hug him! He keeps things simple for me and gives me confidence that I am doing the right things. I understand the importance to receive HR advice that is professional and current with the latest NZ employment rules, so it is nice having him in my back pocket when I need his help. He is so easy to deal with, nothing is ever a problem and his advice is honest, even if I don’t want to hear it. I am getting from him exactly what I need. He is definitely worth the investment.

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